ComSource has been on the leading edge of ResNet solutions for over a decade, catering to mid- and large-sized Higher Education and Hospitality customers. 

WiFi and Content Programming are no longer a “nice to have” but are critical components to remaining competitive and ensuring a positive guest experience.  We take a holistic approach to designing high-performing, reliable and stable networks with the ability to handle the growing number of connected devices from end users.

Your guests will feel right at home…

ComSource’s team of ResNet experts will design, implement and support your user base so you can focus on your core mission.  What does that mean?

  • Evaluate your building(s) and property for coverage, access and traffic flow.

  • Design a customized ResNet technology package, including; hardware and software, WiFi/Cellular access points, customized channel lineups and content, and more…

  • End-to-end installation and configuration, including; physical installation, cabling, testing, documentation and training

  • 24/7 Support of end users to ensure connectivity and performance issues don’t hinder the guest experience.

Wall-to-wall connectivity…

Why is my internet so slow?  The question ringing in every ResNet administrator’s ears is not often followed by an answer that an internet-hungry, tech-dependent college student wants to hear.  For years, the demand on networks across colleges and universities has been growing at a pace that few institutions are able to meet. 


The growing number of internet-connected devices, the introduction of internet-dependent classroom tools, and the bandwidth consumed by non-educational resources have contributed to the strain on these networks.  All the while, administrators are battling budget constraints and less personnel resources available to support current ResNet infrastructures.


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