Financial Services

The balance sheet has met its match.

ComSource Financial Services (CSFS) is an independent, well-capitalized, nationwide leasing company with a focus on financing IT, telephony, networking, mobility, and more. Our independence provides supreme flexibility to structure aggressive financing options tailored to meet the needs of our clients. ComSource Financial Services offers tailored payment and leasing terms, helping our clients optimize TCO and ROI for any technology investments - making us the ideal lending partner for your organization's technology needs.

We provide comprehensive Financial Services solutions for technology investments of any kind, regardless of whether it was delivered by ComSource.

  • Hardware Leasing
  • Lease-Buybacks
  • Net-D Terms
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Fast, Flexible Decision Making
  • Cap-Ex and Op-Ex Options
  • Vendor Agnostic
  • FASB 13 Compliance



Direct Funding

At ComSource Financial Services (CSFS), we pride ourselves on being a client focused firm that uses a consultative approach to provide an added level of value. Our nationwide client base of Mid-Market, Higher Education, Healthcare, and Fortune 500 corporations look to CSFS for guidance and market insight when making decisions. While the solutions we provide always meet our clients' needs, it is our customer centric approach that allows us to exceed expectations and establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

 Advantages of Leasing with ComSource Financial Services

  • Conserve Capital by financing up to 100% of the project hardware, software, installation, and soft costs
  • Flexible Solutions available with operating, capital, and sale leaseback options
  • Customized Repayment terms including delayed commencement, step, and seasonal payments
  • Aggressive Pricing guaranteed in a way that only an independent firm can promise
  • End-of-Life Equipment Management allows clients to return assets at the end of the lease, avoiding disposal, and obsolesces risk.
  • Simple Straightforward Process with minimal documentation & no ongoing reporting required
  • Dedicated Customer Care ensures a fast, client-friendly resolution for all of your inquiries

Life Cycle Management

ComSource Financial Services prides itself on being a client focused organization providing cutting edge technology, flexible financing, and value added solutions. These passions become personified in our Life Cycle Management practice, which has been honed over the past 20 years of administering asset management programs for multinational Fortune 500 Corporations.

The LCM service is designed to automate an easily budgeted, repeatable IT equipment refresh process to save clients time and money. Asset management, tracking, and budgeting become painless when leveraging our dedicated staff, customized software, and FMV leasing capabilities. We routinely execute these services for clients that are new to ComSource, and to the LCM process.

  • Custom Program Solutions & Guidance for every aspect along the Acquire, Manage, and Retire continuum tailored to our clients’ needs
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by structuring equipment purchases as an FMV lease and replacing before incurring expensive out of warranty
  • Strategic Procurement & Fulfillment creates a simplified ordering process for regularly scheduled bulk purchases of custom equipment that can be imaged, installed, tagged, and shipped to any US location—all designed to save time and money while sourcing the best in class equipment
  • Asset Tracking Made Easy with the use of a real time, web based asset management software that is populated by ComSource and provides 24/7 access to the complete asset and lease portfolio

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