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A Holistic Approach to Technology Innovation

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A focus on financining IT


The balance sheet has met its match

CSFS offers tailored payment and leasing terms, helping clients optimize both their total cost of ownership and return on investment for any technology initiative.

Our independence provides supreme flexibility to structure aggressive options tailored to varying needs, budgets, and manufacturers, making us the ideal lending partner for you.

Optimize your ROI

We provide comprehensive financial solutions for technology investments of any kind—regardless of whether it was delivered by ComSource. Specializing in hardware leasing and lease buy-backs, CSFS supports full lifecycle management, providing both CapEx and OpEx options.

CSFS abides by FASB 13 Compliance and offers Net-D Terms.

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Service Portfolio


Direct Funding

CSFS prides ourselves on being a client-focused firm that’s both consultative and collaborative in nature. Our nationwide client base of Mid-Market, Higher Education, Healthcare, and Fortune 500 corporations look to CSFS for guidance and market insight when making IT financing decisions. Key advantages include:

  • Conserve capital by financing up to 100% of the project hardware, software, installation, and soft costs

  • Flexible options around operating, capital, and sale-leaseback

  • Customized repayment terms including delayed commencement, step, and seasonal payments

  • Aggressive pricing is guaranteed in a way that only an independent firm can promise

  • End-of-Life asset returns to avoid disposal and obsolesces risk

  • Minimal documentation and no ongoing reporting is required

  • Dedicated customer care team available to answer any questions you may have

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Service Portfolio


Life Cycle Management (LCM)

Our LCM service automates easily budgeted, repeatable IT equipment refreshes to save you time and money. Asset management, tracking, and budgeting become painless when leveraging the expertise of our dedicated team, customized software, and FMV leasing capabilities.

Key advantages include:

  • Customized solutions and guidance for every stage along your Acquire, Manage, and Retire journey

  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by structuring equipment purchases as an FMV lease and replacing them before warranties expire

  • Strategic procurement and fulfillment simplify the ordering process for regularly scheduled bulk purchases. Custom equipment can be imaged, installed, tagged, and shipped to any US location.

  • Asset tracking is made easy through real-time, web-based asset management software which provides 24/7 access to your complete portfolio

Why ComSource


Turn Possibility into Reality

As an IT solutions provider, we don’t manufacture technology, we harness it. Acting as your technology advocate, we’re the people behind the technology, designing for you and working with you.

With trust, loyalty, and relationships as the cornerstone of our business for over 30 years, let us help you redefine what is possible
with our Financial Services offering.

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