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Managed Services Overview


Delegate responsibility

As networks continue to grow more complex and workforces become more distributed, companies strain to stay current while keeping costs low. Deploying the right technology is important, but it’s only the first step.

At ComSource, we’re the people behind your products, designing, innovating, and working alongside you. With over three decades of experience, trust our team to manage your network, monitor your applications, and maintain your assets and licenses.

Double Down on Results

Your IT infrastructure is in constant orbit with many moving parts and pieces. And daily demands on internal IT push more strategic goals further into the backlog. You need specialized knowledge to wring the most value out of your current tech stack and more time and head space to plan for the future of your business.

From video systems in hospitals to emergency response on campus. From process optimization in the assembly line to business analytics for the boardroom. From classrooms without walls to smart, connected cities. ComSource is your IT advocate, through implementation and beyond.

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Service Portfolio


Remote Managed Services

Leveraging cloud and hosted solutions can help companies optimize their day-to-day network performance. By freeing your IT team up from routine, administrative functions, they can spend their time focusing on revenue-generating initiatives.

With flexible managed service packages to choose from, you can benefit from the support you need to meet current demand, and easily scale up or down when priorities shift. ComSource will help you harness the collective power of your IT engine to multiply your results across three key areas:

  • Monitoring: Remote monitoring of your IT environment is a proactive strategy toward maintaining business continuity and mitigating risk.

  • Management: Our hosted cloud and financial support services put businesses on the path toward full IT value maximization.

  • Maintenance: From basic level-one support to break-fix service level agreements, keep your products tuned to your changing business needs. 

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Service Portfolio


IT Asset Tracking

Properly tracking the status of your asset lifecycle is one of the best ways to optimize the use of your IT resources. Managing all of your products and contracts in one place gives provides the necessary visibility to inform accurate decision-making at the business level.

ComSource can tackle this all on your behalf. We’ll set up a system to identify assets that are no longer supported and remove them before you run into maintenance or compliance issues. Our team will monitor your entire IT asset portfolio, sending regular reports and business insights designed to improve your utilization, budgeting, and planning.

Why ComSource


Turn Possibility into Reality

As an IT solutions provider, we don’t manufacture technology, we harness it. Acting as your technology advocate, we’re the people behind the technology, designing for you and working with you.

With trust, loyalty, and relationships as the cornerstone of our business for over 30 years, let us help you redefine what is possible
with our Managed Services offering.

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