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Interaction designed for all learning styles. 

There’s a special sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing a student’s face light up when they connect with their coursework—the “a-ha!” moment when everything makes sense. Clear Touch® provides educators with innovative digital tools that maximize creative collaboration in the classroom. Clear Touch interactive panels are user-friendly and feature-rich. Perfectly suited for in-class or remote instruction for all grade levels, our panels and integrated software bring learning to life. Clear Touch provides US-based support and ongoing professional development offerings to make sure every user is getting the most out of their product. 

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Innovative Panels for Education


Clear Touch® has the Solution.



The 6000K+ series has smart, multi-touch technology that allows for 20 points of simultaneous touch and 10 points of writing, perfect for collaborative learning in the classroom! Students will be excited and engaged during lessons on this panel.

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The 7000XE series sets a new standard for education technology by combining the vibrant clarity of Ultra HD resolution with stunning performance; each 7000XE interactive panel features the industry's fastest processor. Paired with the Convertible Mobile Stand, the 7000XE series can operate in upright, drafting, or tabletop positions – making for the ultimate activity center.



Instruct on the largest stage with 4K Ultra HD integrated display. The most powerful blackboard learning tool on the market, the 8086MAX sets a new bar for instructional writing and classroom communication. The MAX is the ideal tool for the lecture hall, large classroom, or meeting space.


Other Offerings


Clear Touch Accessories

In addition to top-of-the-line interactive flat panels, Clear Touch also offers a wide range of accessories, stands and mounts, and a built-in, subscription-free software suite to provide an unparalleled classroom experience. Clear Digital, an affiliate company of Clear Touch, provides digital signage, presentation tools, and non-interactive displays to meet the needs for any digital messaging. Book a demo today to learn how Clear Touch can take your classroom experience to the next level. 

Adjustable Mobile Stand

Adjustable Wall Mount

Convertible Mobile Stand

Fixed Height Mobile Stand

Fixed Mobile Stand

Fixed Table Stand

Fixed Wall Mount

Mini Convertible Mobile Stand


Driving Digital Inclusion


Kajeet SmartBus™

What if you could keep kids connected on their way to and from school? Kajeet SmartBus™ does exactly that, providing safe, reliable access for up to 65 students at a time.


A Cost-Effective Way to Bridge the Homework Gap

Around 30% of all U.S. students do not have adequate internet at home – causing an internet gap the moment they leave the classroom. Our wifi-equipped buses fill the homework gap for dozens of students at a time.

WiFi Solutions for Education


Our WiFi solutions support digital inclusion across the education spectrum, from kindergarten through higher education – and beyond. Find the right solution for your school district, university, or community.

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Chromebooks & Laptops



Work with a dedicated ComSource Product Manager for semi-annual account mapping and needs assessments based on job class. Prequalify equipment requirements and quantity needs for your organization. Source best in class solutions and simplify the ordering and fulfillment process to put time back into your workday.

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