Industries We Serve

From students and parents to supervisors and foremen we understand that no two jobs are alike, no two companies are the same, and every industry has its own unique way of consuming technology. At ComSource, we don't manufacture technology, we harness it.

We're bringing some of the biggest manufactures to our customers—Cisco, Commvault, Dell Technologies, NetApp, Microsoft, VMware—when and where it's appropriate.  At our core, we understand that technology is not about how quickly you adapt to change, it's how efficiently you make it work for you. Let us help you realize the possibility technology can play in your industry, and more importantly, for your company. 

IT Solutions for Commercial Business


ComSource has the expertise to plan, build and deploy data center architectures of every size, shape, and geography. Whether it is a network of remote offices in dozens of cities, or a data center the size of a city block - ComSource will determine the best technology that matches your organizations need and deliver it on time and under budget.

Some of ComSource's largest clients are hospitals and healthcare organizations because we have been at the forefront of the industry's digital revolution in the past two decades. From EMR optimization, PACS archiving, HIPPA compliance and data protection—ComSource is there to keep hospitals and healthcare organizations ready for whatever comes next.

With shrinking margins and increasingly internet-centric business models, our retail customers have engaged ComSource to consolidate infrastructures with converged and hyper-converged architectures, and increase automation across data protection and workload balancing efforts. ComSource has also deployed an increasing number of block and object storage solutions which serve as a cost-effective alternative to maintaining large amounts of digital media files, images, videos, and 3D renderings.

Data, data, data. Within financial services, we've helped our clients improve the effectiveness of how massive amounts of data and applications are managed and optimized for performance. As more data is moved to the cloud, ComSource has helped architect effective strategies for big data, analytics and accessibility for collaboration and reporting. During times of M&A activity, we've assisted in consolidating and standardizing hardware infrastructures, including co-location and disaster recovery strategies.


With the increasing demand for modern technology in the classroom and through digital/remote environments, educational clients are in need of optimizing performance applications and databases while keeping costs at a minimum. This includes cloud strategies, network, and computing performance, and accessibility. In addition, ComSource Financial Services has stepped in to provide balance sheet-friendly leasing alternatives and lifecycle management to ensure that the tools in the hands of teachers and students don't hinder the learning experience.

Legacy modernization and data intelligence are front of mind for federal, state and local agencies as they are required to be more efficient, digital and accessible to constituents. In addition, reliability and uptime are crucial, and perhaps most concerning of all is the protection of sensitive data generated from the government and public-at-large. Storage capacities are under increased stress as video surveillance, security, and additional media-heavy filetypes are being produced more consistently, from a higher number of sources than ever before.

IT Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing & Warehouse

ComSource has a niche expertise in sourcing and leasing warehouse/handheld devices. This includes RF scanners, handheld (rugged) tablets and computers, truck-mounted devices, and connected devices for IoT transformation. We have partnered with some of the largest warehouse, fulfillment, and logistical services companies in the United States to deliver hardware and lifecycle management solutions to keep their businesses running smoothly.

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IT Solutions for the Entertainment Industry

Media & Digital

Content-heavy organizations are tasked with storing and protecting large amounts of multimedia files, which can quickly put a strain on IT infrastructures. These companies need comprehensive and well-defined storage optimization strategies and computing performance which can move as fast as the business itself. ComSource delivers a multi-faceted approach to storing image, video, and file data effectively, and promoting collaboration through hybrid cloud and virtualized solutions built on high-performing compute and network architectures.