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A Digitally Enabled Government

Local and state government faces unique technology hurdles. The speed of communication is ever-increasing and is the complexity of digital transformation initiatives. This poses both challenges and risks.

Legacy modernization and data intelligence is top of mind as agencies strive to be more efficient, digital, and accessible to their constituents. Reliability and uptime are crucial. And, perhaps most concerning of all, is the ability to lock down sensitive information and keep the network secure at all costs.

A Connected Citizen Experience

ComSource helps government entities with everything from securing document management systems to emergency notification, IT asset tracking, and cloud-based collaboration tools.

Coupled with 24x7x365 managed services support and unique financing options which include leasing and lease buyback, agencies can trust their technology needs to a partner with over three decades of proven success in this space.

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Trust in Your Technology

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Integrated communication is essential for agencies, citizens, and communities to prosper. From phone and email to emergency notification, our approach starts with infrastructure and moves up to software and database management.

General Security

Security Services

Our security services provide peace of mind for many state and local agencies, and federal offices. We apply best practices across the board—from people through to process and policy—to ensure an active defense network that stays ever-vigilant.

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Information Backup & Recovery

The swift recovery of data and documents after a physical or cyberattack requires having proper systems in place ahead of time. ComSource can help you implement cloud-based backup and disaster recovery strategies before you need them.

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IT Lifecycle Management

From the data center to the desktop, ComSource reduces the need for expensive repairs and upgrades by helping agencies understand their technology lifecycle and plan for the moment when out-of-date technology must be replaced.

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Turn Possibility into Reality

As an IT solutions provider, we don’t manufacture technology, we harness it. Acting as your technology advocate, we’re the people behind the technology, designing for you and working with you.

With trust, loyalty, and relationships as the cornerstone of our business for over 30 years, let us help you redefine what is possible for your government entity.

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