Higher Education Technology

A solid degree is ultimately about achieving one thing—employability. Each semester, students are walking through campus doors with more technical knowledge and higher expectations of their college or university. To remain competitive, higher education institutions need to ensure that classrooms are equip with the right edtech to foster innovative learning and simulate real world dynamics.

Whether it involves connecting your students with experts outside the institution, rich multimedia course work, or collaborative learning opportunities, the 21st century classroom now reaches past the walls of a lecture hall enabling a community of engaged, lifelong learners.



Higher Education Technology: Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today

Higher education institutions are focused on ensuring that students are ready for the careers that await them. As a higher education solution provider, we’re committed to helping you create a connected campus that extends the learning environment to deliver a quality education to all your students, from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

  • Reach and engage with new learners beyond the campus with unified collaboration tools.

  • Attract and enable your student population with anytime, anywhere access with a secure Residential Network.

  • Cut costs and streamline administrative and operational efficiency with PC Lifecycle Management.

  • Heighten safety and security with IoT applications and integrations.




Build a connected campus that not only inspires learning but simulates real-world experiences for your students. Embracing Edtech collaboration tools will differentiate your campus experience. By embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions like smart lighting, parking, and physical security coupled with anywhere, anytime network access to course work and collaboration your students will thrive in a safe innovative environment, and your institution remains competitive in today’s evolving technology landscape.


Remain competitive while meeting your student’s residence hall expectations for multi-device connectivity, high-speed bandwidth, and TV services they’ve grown accustomed to at home. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the IoT (Internet of Things) trend is growing quickly and gaining a foothold on campuses across the nation. Higher-education institutions continue to evolve and improve upon ResNet and Wi-Fi practices as they now face the convergence of mobility, big data, advanced applications, and even more devices. Meet your student demands, off-load your IT team’s daily maintenance, and increase your bottom line with the transition from capital expenditures to operating costs with Managed ResNet services for your students.


PC Lifecycle Management

ComSource Financial Services provides balance sheet-friendly leasing alternatives and lifecycle management for hardware deployments to ensure that the tools in the hands of your faculty, staff, and students don't hinder the learning experience. ComSource’s proprietary asset tracking software gives campus IT the power to tag, track, and manage your assets in the field with 40+ customizable metrics.


Campus Physical & Virtual Security

Closely monitor campus physical and virtual activity and deliver a safe, secure campus environment for your students, faculty, and staff. With careful consideration to both physical and virtual security measures, prepare your campus for the digital revolution that is upon us. With a fine line between opening your network to enable BYOD technology to your students and shutting down Ransomware and phishing attacks, you need a reliable security architecture that will enable you to remain competitive while keeping your campus and your constituents safe.