a pre-calibrated data solution that delivers sky-high performance and ultra-low latency that is unparalleled for Oracle RAC workloads.

Mosaic is the result of years-long research to build a superior solution for Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) using a combination of off-the-shelf hardware with a dash of proprietary software.

Mosaic will help our customers break the cycle of receiving sub-par performance while still paying a premium for ever-increasing Oracle licensing costs.

The secret lies with the Data at Rapid Transport (DART) software, which requires fewer Oracle licenses (and smaller hardware footprint) to run compared to legacy designs. Mosaic will improve your ROI while delivering a more streamlined and manageable infrastructure.

Database provisioning

Effortless Database Provisioning from source to target

Networking Red

Rapid Provisioning, Adaptive to Source-Target Topology

Data transport

High speed Data Transport software with Endpoint Intelligence


Workload Orchestration: Prioritization, Concurrency & Dependency


Get on the path to a better Oracle experience

  • Rapid Database Provisioning

  • Dynamic Source Table Virtual Partitioning

  • Parallel Scale-Out Architecture

  • Metadata and Policy-Driven

  • Workload Orchestration - Prioritization, Concurrency, Dependency

  • Native Source & Target Database Intelligence

  • Adaptive to Source-Target Topology (Oracle, RAC, Exadata, Flat File)

Performance Comparison

Mosaic 3-Node RAC Cluster with (Qty 4) Dell R740xd vs 8-Node RAC Cluster with (Qty 4) engine EMC VMAX 400k

Time to create a local bitmap index

Operation performed on a 10TB partitioned table containing 8+ billion rows

Query single table scan time

Operation performed on a 10TB partitioned table containing 8+ billion rows

Parallel direct path insert of 8B rows

Join a 8+ billion row table (10TB) with a 1.2TB, 13+ billion row table