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We equip schools with the technology to foster innovative learning and transform the K-12 learning experience for students, teachers and communities.


Clear Touch's award-winning line of touch display solutions promote collaboration and ideation to help bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re conducting interactive classroom lessons, or collaborative sales and marketing presentations, Clear Touch® displays allow you to connect with confidence and communicate with clarity.

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Drones & UAV's

The commercial applications of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have quietly exploded across industries in recent years.  Take advantage of hands-on STEM packages for K12 to prepare your students for the future.

Preparing for Today:  Drones in K12 Infographic

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The Robomaster S1 is a fantastic way to introduce robotics into K12 STEM curriculum’s due to its ease of use, variety of assembly and coding options, and numerous goals and competitive challenges it offers upon completion.



Innovative IoT
solutions that put
health and safety
front and center.
Solution Brief:  Human Based Monitoring Kiosk

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Powering your Purpose

At ComSource, we help turn your IT strategy into a competitive advantage by maximizing your investments, reducing costs, and offloading non-critical activities from IT managers.

Our program is designed to provide comprehensive support with transparent communications from our team of dedicated technical experts.

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Data Center 

Core IT Infrastructure for K12

Improve productivity and enhance collaboration Unified Communicationswith a unified communication platform, online collaborative tools, and mobility solution so teachers can work together effectively to deliver a seamless learning experience for each student.

  • Phone, VoIP, Video Conferencing
  • File sharing & Collaborative Tools
  • Unified Communications 

Network solutions for K12 that help embrace andpartners grow connected classrooms, while providing the security and performance that your district infrastructure needs. 

  • Route & Switch
  • SD-WAN, Wireless
  • BYOD
  • Campus / Residential Networks

Core data center solutions from best-in-breed capacitymanufacturers.  ComSource helps K12 school districts design traditional and converged infrastructures that are easy to manage and flex to the unique needs of your faculty and students.

  • Private & Hybrid Cloud
  • Converged Infrastructure
  • Storage Replication
  • Data Protection / Data Management
  • Virtualization
  • Containerization

Most individual districts have limited human and capital resources, or physical infrastructure, to effectively support their own data center technologies. Those who do often find the cost and effort involved comes at the expense of the ability to support the students, faculty.


ComSource Managed Services will unburden  local IT resources from mundane (yet necessary) monitoring, upgrades, patches... allowing them to focus on value-added innovations for faculty and students across your district.  

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UAV's in Tomorrow's Workforce

The proliferation of UAV’s has driven demand for workers with the education and hands-on experience using this technology - skills that will be key in a competitive job market.

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