How much should you spend on cybersecurity in 2024-25?




5 Key Tips to Reduce Cyber Risks at K-12

K-12 DPOs learn 5 key internal network changes you can make to harden your network from malicious hackers.

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Address Security Risks That Could Lead to Compromise

Using the same techniques as a hacker-in-the-wild, a penetration test is a controlled simulated attack against an organization to reveal where additional security defenses are needed to protect sensitive information.


ComSource &

Zelvin Security

Security testing requires specialized skills. The ComSource team partners with the highly skilled, customer focused security team with K-12 experience, Zelvin Security. 

All penetration testing services are performed by senior-level (highly experienced) penetration testers who understand the technical nuances of cybersecurity and possess business intelligence skills. These skills save your organization time and money because remediation strategies are defined using root-cause determinations.


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