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ComSource is redefining what is possible through technology with a focus on delivering a better customer experience.


Our Mission

Serving as technology advocates across Education, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Financial Services, we deliver technology solutions coupled with financial strategies to make possibility reality.

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Our Value

At ComSource, our portfolio of market-leading collaboration, data center, security, networking, and PC lifecycle management solutions is complemented by our hands-on expertise in delivering tailored professional, financial, and managed services when it matters most.



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We are not transactional, we value long-term relationships and customers who feel the same.



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Our Expertise

Serving as technology advocates across Education, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Financial Services, we bring together technology solutions and financial strategies to turn possibility into reality.



ComSource has the expertise to plan, build and deploy data center architectures of every size, shape and geography. Whether it is a network of remote offices in dozens of cities, or a data center the size of a city block - ComSource will determine the best technology that matches your organizations need and deliver it on time and under budget.


Legacy modernization and data intelligence are front of mind for federal, state and local agencies as they are required to be more efficient, digital and accessible to constituents. In addition, reliability and up-time is crucial, and perhaps most concerning of all is the protection of sensitive data generated from the government and public-at-large. Storage capacities are under an increased stress as video surveillance, security and additional media-heavy filetypes are being produced more consistently, from a higher number of sources than ever before.


Some of ComSource's largest clients are hospitals and healthcare organizations because we have been on the forefront of the industry's digital revolution in the past two decades. From EMR optimization, PACS archiving, HIPPA compliance and data protection - ComSource is there to keep hospitals and healthcare organizations ready for whatever comes next.

Higher Education

With an increasing demand of modern technology in the classroom and through digital/remote environments, educational clients are in need of optimizing performance applications and databases while keeping costs at a minimum. This includes Cloud strategies, network and computing performance, and accessibility. In addition, ComSource Financial Services has stepped in to provide balance sheet-friendly leasing alternatives and lifecycle management to ensure that the tools in the hands of teachers and students don't hinder the learning experience.

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