Products Overview

ComSource cut its teeth in the mainframe business in the '80's... but has evolved as fast as the products we deliver.  We act as a trusted adviser to our clients as they navigate the changes in technology and the business requirements which it drives. 


Servers & Virtualization

Your goals may not have changed, but how you approach them has.  Computing requirements, budgets, and the rate of relevance are moving at higher velocities and in opposite directions… with ComSource, we put you back in the driver’s seat..


Storage & Converged

The data collected and generated by every organization is becoming more valuable by the day.  Managing growth with cost-effective and scalable solutions weighs heavily on the shoulders of IT professionals.  More than ever, it is imperative that the data center enables the business to embrace new technologies with confidence – whether it is cloud, big data, or new applications. ComSource can deliver the solutions you need to create the future for your organization.


Data Protection

With backup & recovery, what you want is simple but what you need is powerful. ComSource takes your backup strategy from a preventative measure, to a proactive asset. We help acquire, deploy and manage solutions which turn you into what your company needs – trusted custodians of your own data.



It is critical that companies have effective hybrid, private and multi-cloud strategies to enable business growth.  ComSource engages IT and business stakeholders to map out digital transformation, automation and cost effective Cloud deployments which promote agile, future-ready business models.



Nowhere else is technology evolving faster than in networking hardware, and software.  We help match which technology optimizes performance and can streamline management.   Simply put, what makes sense... from the core to the edge.


PC's and 2-in-1's

The power of PCs, laptops and 2-in-1’s have exploded over the last half decade – but for many, the hardware they use daily is obsolete, at best.  Many organizations struggle to balance the logistics and budget to ensure their workforce has the tools they need to get their jobs done. ComSource delivers the right mix of hardware, financing options and deployment services to eliminate the stress of PC lifecycle management.