Mobile Technology and Logistical Solutions

Business Challenge:

A leading freight and logistics provider needed to reduce their use of paper through the full delivery cycle, improve their customer’s access to online details for payment on deliveries and increase efficiency among drivers, IT support staff and employees completing back-office procedures. The “partial” paper based system being used by this company was creating inefficiencies such as data loss, lack of quality control and wasted driver time.

The Solution:

ComSource and our partner affiliate coordinated with all levels of the corporate structure to create a new solution. This interactive process allowed the employees to see how the new processes directly affected their jobs and incorporated their requested features in the new system. A complete mobility solution was implemented to allow the company to automate their entire delivery and collection process in real time. Key elements of this solution include:

  • Drivers were able to scan items both within and outside the depot.
  • Consignments were manifested electronically.
  • “Sign-on glass” allowed the company to collect proof of delivery as well as accept and complete pickups in the field.
  • Information was instantly transferred to back office systems which increased functionality for staff in regard to schedules, deliveries, collections and depot operations.
  • Handheld remote mobile hardware and software assets allow support staff to access the device to assist the courier as needed. If a device is stolen it can be wiped of any sensitive customer information or corporate data remotely.


This provider benefited from the new mobility solution in the following ways:

  • Significant cost savings through ongoing maintenance, processing infrastructure, “rate of return” and equipment repairs.
  • Improved speed and efficiencies receiving deliveries, creating invoices and meeting the increasing demands of customers.