Information Technology Assessments

Business Challenge:

A nationally recognized retail corporation selected ComSource as a “checks and balances” to evaluate the performance of their current network and propose an architectural strategy that was both redundant and secure while requiring less maintenance. This company had a fast growing retail business and needed to ensure that their environment could support their current rate of growth.

The Solution:

ComSource assessed the current network design with an onsite CCIE engineer and an array of tools. The network design assessed was:

  • IP Addressing Strategy
  • VLAN Strategy
  • Access Layer Switching Strategy
  • Distribution Layer Switching Strategy
  • Core Layer Switching Strategy
  • Wide Area Network Strategy
  • Internet Access Strategy

The infrastructure assessed was:

  • Cabling Infrastructure Strategy
  • System Security Strategy
  • Production Network Management Strategy

These assessments lead to recommendations from our CCIE engineer, to include:

  • Compressing large image files instead of just adding bandwidth.
  • MPLS for larger sites.
  • The utilization of QOS when used with VPNs.
  • Manual routing IDs were established in OSPF using loopbacks for stability.
  • Increasing MTU size on remotes to cut down on fragmentation in TCP.
  • Filtering with a dedicated firewall.
  • Eliminating single points of failure and simplify cabling by collapsing all switches within the datacenter, excluding top of rack switches, to 2 Core switches.
  • Network management solution to take configuration backups of all devices at regular intervals and push out mass configuration changes.


At the end of the assessment the customer had a clear road map as to how their network should continue to grow effectively in concert with their rapidly growing business enterprise. Strategic implementation of the recommended solutions increased throughput, functionality and security in conjunction with the expanding company.