Business Continuity, Recovery Services & Co-Location

Business Challenge:

A rapidly growing U.S. based retail corporation maintained a production data center in New York State. While they had always cut daily incremental backup tapes and weekly “fulls”…and in turn sent them offsite to a secure location, they never had a contracted warm or hot site facility from which to recover their critical applications in the event of a disaster at the main production facility. Several years ago the lack of a contract at a hot site recovery facility never seemed a major issue for a small retail company…just more of a potential minor inconvenience. As the company grew, in fact doubled and tripled in size, it became critical to come up with a more effective and comprehensive business recovery plan.

The Solution:

The ComSource sales and support team went to work immediately. First and foremost, ComSource and their business recovery team experts worked with the company to examine all workload and applications with the intent of prioritizing which applications absolutely needed to be up and running in hours versus days in the event of a “disaster”. The company’s key applications were hosted on both IBM’s Power family with OS/400 applications as well as several applications running on Dell x86 Servers. Once ComSource and their recovery expert team collectively completed a full audit of all hardware platforms, all critical and non-critical applications and all current backup and recovery infrastructure they jointly selected an elite Recovery Site location in northern Georgia for the hot site facility. In this case, the ComSource long time affiliate, a true “Best in Class” Disaster Recovery Services organization, provided the customer with the best overall top to bottom recovery option with a secure facility, redundant components, extensive equipment inventory and a staff expertise across all of the end user platforms..


Dedicated platforms were selected and deployed processes were implemented to insure that in the event of a disaster at the production facility a rapidly growing retail organization could recover its mission critical applications quickly and efficiently. This long time valued ComSource customer has continued to utilize this premier Disaster Recovery organization and has performed many complete recovery tests over several years. The end user’s executive team can now “sleep at night” knowing that in the event of a disaster…most any disaster…the company can bring up and run all selected applications in a timely fashion with a highly skilled support team working closely with them along the recovery process.