3rd Party Maintenance and Support, Non OEM


Business Challenge:

A Fortune 1500 privately held cosmetic company was tasked by senior management executives to reduce costs in their data center. Knowing that IT maintenance contracts are subject to frequent annual price increases, often associated with renewals, this company reached out to ComSource for strategies on maintenance cost reduction.

The Solution:

ComSource, along with our trusted and recognized 3rd party maintenance service provider, looked at two corporate datacenter locations for this cosmetic company that had expiring maintenance contracts and were able to help the company save over 40% on support in the first twelve months. Due to the cost savings from just one year of using 3rdparty maintenance with ComSource, this company expanded their portfolio and not only renewed the contracts for the same equipment, but also added additional equipment to the existing contracts. The service levels provided to this cosmetic company were: a 3rd party maintenance coordinator to track expiration dates and adds/deletes, 7x24x365 hardware maintenance, local service depots, call-home, online portal for asset management and incident tracking. This online portal allows our customers to see contracts in place with our 3rd party maintenance provider across all platforms and gives the customer the ability to upload maintenance contracts that are held with other maintenance providers as well.


ComSource and our 3rd party maintenance provider allow our customers to show a cost savings across multiple platforms and all major manufacturers. Where a typical OEM increases maintenance costs, we are able to decrease (or maintain at a lower price point) the costs as the equipment ages. We work with our customers to keep the equipment on the floor instead of trying to “end of life” the equipment as so many OEM’s tend to do. In this specific case utilizing our 3rd party maintenance solution, this cosmetic company saved approximately 40% on their maintenance contract costs across their expanded IT portfolio.