The ComSource Optimize service is a fresh take on how technology assessments, recommendations and insights are delivered to IT professionals.  To ensure our clients get the most out of their engagement (and relationship) with our technology resources, we've eliminated what has left many to consider "consulting" a dirty word.  ComSource Optimize is a bundle of customized service offerings delivered for a low flat, annual fee.

what's included....

  • Scheduled cadence with a dedicated ComSource technology professional (monthly, or quarterly)
  • On-site reviews of hardware performance, recommended updates and configuration advice
  • Software review, upgrade installations including a pre- and post- health check
  • Review of storage profiles and policies
  • Assessment and documentation of server performance including latency, throughput and IOPS
  • Optimization of schedule profiles and timing adjustments to improve performance
  • Review of available new features and strategic planning

Why it works...

As a best practice, many organizations perform monthly or quarterly reviews of system performance.  However, the amount of data to interpret can be overwhelming or difficult to attribute to specific questions one may have.  Often this practice turns into an exercise of comparing subsequent reports versus actually getting the real story behind the numbers, which results in an echo chamber. 

ComSource helps you cut through the noise and get a fresh look at your IT environment by comparing against industry benchmarks and best practices so our customers know exactly where they are today, and what they need for the future.

Case Studies