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The Value of ResNet is Realized in More Ways than Savings & Satisfaction

ResNet, as we define here, bundles high-performing wired and wireless Internet, cable or IPTV services, and technical support to give students an at-home experience. Colleges can choose to implement through in-house staff, yet those who have chosen to outsource have experienced savings over the lifetime of their contract through a variety of factors such as cost avoidance, budget stability, risk management, and time to deployment.

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Ubiquitous Wi-Fi on Campus: The State of ResNet

A typical college student today brings eight or nine wireless devices to their college residence hall—whereas a few years ago that number may have been more like two or three. This trend is rising semester after semester as gaming consoles, tablets, speakers, laptops, smart TVs, wireless printers, and wearables become more commoditized, placing a strain on the campus network.

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