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Big Data Done Better with the Mosaic NVMe Solution.

ComSource has teamed up with our partners at CMA and Dell EMC to build a custom Oracle solution that flips the paradigm of data center performance and addresses the high cost of Oracle licensing.  Mosaic is the result of years-long research to build a superior solution for Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) using a combination of off-the-shelf hardware with a dash of proprietary software.

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Commvault Appoints New CEO

Commvault, a recognized global enterprise software leader in the management of data for cloud and on premises environments, today announced the appointment of Sanjay Mirchandani as President and Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board, effective immediately. 

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FASB 13 Accounting Rules - What you need to know

Under the new guidance, a lessee will be required to recognize assets and liabilities for leases with lease terms of more than 12 months. Consistent with current Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), the recognition, measurement, and presentation of expenses and cash flows arising from a lease by a lessee primarily will depend on its classification as a finance or operating lease. However, unlike current GAAP—which requires only capital leases to be recognized on the balance sheet—the new ASU will require both types of leases to be recognized on the balance sheet.

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